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Merano Wine Festival 2014: Marcello D’Erasmo is the first "pizza maker" at the Chef’s Challenge

MERANO – Sold out on the first day, sold out on the second, Merano wine festival confirmed to be the most élite appointment among the wine festivals. “You are a Bentley” said Oscar Farinetti, patron of Eataly, at the inauguration of the three days festival.

At its 23rd edition, the Festival has also a Marche-style appeal, thanks to the expert hands of two chefs: Chef Alessandro Pazzaglia and the champion “pizzaiolo” Marcello D’Erasmo from Ortezzano. Three were the topic moments experienced by the chefs from Fermo.

Pazzaglia prepared drinks and appetizers for the Gala dinner, attended by 500 people. He put on the plate the local Fermo excellence and was rapturously applaused on the stage of the main hall where he was called to explain the products handled in order to delight the guests.

From aperitif to the stand, the second step of the festival, which was literally besieged by visitors, 2500 which is the maximum number of the Kurhaus.

From cheese to salami, from Ascoli-style stuffed olives to anchovies, from the cooked ham by the Orma Gorul to the extra virgin olive oil, from coffee to craft beers to finish with the exposure in the institutional space of some valuable samples of shoes and hats from the manufacturing district of Fermo, as wanted by the Fermo Promotion Special Agency.


In the afternoon we moved to the Gourmet Arena where in front of bloggers, journalists and experts, Marcello D’Erasmo, owner of Pizzeria Mamma Rosa in Ortezzano, surprised those present, during his participation in the Chef’s Challenge reserved for the best Italian and international chefs (for the first time, thanks to the relationship established between Merano and Fermo even a pizza maker was admitted) present in Merano for the Wine Festival. On the table two creations: a pizza with squid ink and a cake with white truffle from Sibillini mountains. Again, applause and full cheeks.

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